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Italian sofa giant Egoitaliano landed in China and joined hands with ASIAMA CAMPO DE'FIORI to open a new future

Published:2023-03-29 18:22:47

On March 26, Italian sofa giant Egoitaliano announced the establishment of a strategic partnership with ASIAMA CAMPO DE'FIORI to jointly launch the strategic layout of the Chinese market. This marks the official landing of Egoitaliano in China and its entry into the high-end software home market in China. In the future, Egoitaliano will join hands with ASIAMA CAMPO DE'FIORI to comply with the global trend of software home development, and jointly integrate the pure Italian lifestyle concept with Chinese residential culture, bringing a better home life for people.

With the continuous advancement of economic globalization, the center of the global software home market is shifting to China, which is gradually becoming the largest consumer market of software home in the world. At the same time, domestic consumption has entered a new era of upgrading, and consumers have liberated themselves from product consumption and pursued the spirit of brand ingenuity. As a result, the high-end software home furnishing market has shown vigorous potential. Under this prospect, what kind of storm will Egoitaliano set off when it fully enters the Chinese market?

Giuseppe Gagliardi, General Manager of Egoitaliano, accepted a 77 ° interview

Giuseppe Gagliardi, General Manager of Egoitaliano, said that China has become the leading player in the future global household consumption market, and the continuous upgrading of consumer power has provided expansion space for the development of high-end software home appliances. As a famous Italian sofa brand,Egoitaliano inherits the traditional handicrafts of the millennium old city of Matera, and also draws on the latest trends of Milan, the fashion capital. Egoitaliano integrates the essence of Italian culture in terms of product design, production processes, and corporate services. Its advanced design concepts and innovative manufacturing processes represent the future of the Italian home furnishing industry, making it popular among young consumers worldwide and widely recognized at international home design fairs such as Milan and Cologne.

Color is one of the symbols of Egoitaliano. So far, Egoitaliano has over 500 colors, which are jumping, distinct, gorgeous, and beautiful, truly highlighting the Italian style. At the same time, Egoitaliano continues to use the Italian production process and quality monitoring system, bringing excellent quality experience and conveying values and emotions. In addition, "customization" is also a major feature of Egoitaliano. Customers can customize sofas according to their wishes, combining a variety of fabrics, colors, and materials to create the products they want.

Egoitaliano intends to enter the Chinese market with the help of the Italian lifestyle aesthetics it represents, opening a new phase for the high-end software home market. In the future, Egoitaliano will adhere to the concept of long-term development in the Chinese market, firmly advocating the principle of 100% pure import, 100% Italian design, and manufacturing. Cooperate side by side with CAMPO DE'FIORI, continuously pursue product innovation, design research and development, and ingenious craftsmanship, and jointly create a new era of high-end software home furnishing in China.

Egoitaliano entry into the Chinese market is a general trend. However, international brands still face a series of tests in the Chinese market, and it is undoubtedly crucial to choose a partner that can collaborate and empower each other. In this regard, Egoitaliano choice is ASIAMA CAMPO DE'FIORI, which is not only an important decision, but also one of the keys to future development.

CAMPO DE'FIORI, as an Italian lifestyle innovator, has worked intensively in the European and American markets for many years, absorbing the excellent design culture and artistic heritage of Italy, and has established a specialized product research and development center in Europe. Gain insight into new design trends from an international perspective and explore emerging high-end lifestyle styles. Currently, CAMPO DE'FIORI has over 100 design patents.

In 2015, CAMPO DE'FIORI became a leading European high-end functional sofa brand with over 1000 global sales terminals, and its products were exported to more than 50 countries and regions such as Europe and the United States.

Since the launch of the strategic layout of the domestic software home market in 2020, CAMPO DE'FIORI has been able to grow rapidly with a healthy and good business environment despite the rampant epidemic. It has opened more than 70 stores in China's first and second tier markets, becoming a joint venture brand of full leather sofa hot doors in the Chinese market, and is deeply loved by consumers.

Based on a consistent background, goals, and concepts, CAMPO DE'FIORI has chosen to enter into strategic cooperation with Egoitaliano, which will achieve all-round collaboration between the brand and the market. In the future, both parties will fully utilize their respective advantages, such as Egoitaliano Italian design capabilities, CAMPO DE'FIORI operational capabilities, and channel layout. By re integrating brand resources and enriching product lines, we can better meet people's aspirations for a better life with a stronger lineup and more mature system.

Looking back on the past three years, although the epidemic has had a huge impact on the social economy, the wave of economic globalization is still continuing to advance. As the largest consumer market for software and home appliances in the world, China may usher in a new round of economic leap driven by a series of preferential policies such as "promoting consumption, stabilizing foreign trade, and attracting foreign investment.". On the other hand, the epidemic is also subtly changing people's consumption concepts, and people's pursuit of living room lifestyles is also increasingly escalating.

When it comes to operation, the general trend can be expected. CAMPO DE'FIORI introduced Egoitaliano, a significant brand, at the right time. After that, CAMPO DE'FIORI&Egoitaliano will join hands and enter the high-end software home market as a carrier to further strengthen in-depth cooperation, achieve resource overlap and complementary advantages, which is bound to present a leapfrog development and win a new future in the domestic high-end sofa market.

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